The story of creative, fashion, and retail consultant Mirela Cerica began in Albania before reaching Istanbul, the city that she describes as ‘love at first sight’. Over the years, her story took her to Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and Morocco, and with the admirable influence of these cities, she created a modern, elegant and extraordinary collection of her dreams.

Mirela lives in İstanbul, Brussels, and Paris and considers herself a ‘local tourist’ in every city she lives and travels and aims to give all women the same feeling through the original accessories she has selected from all over the world and through the clothes she designs, which draw from these influences. She always honors local inspirations in her designs and performs the photoshoots of her collections in the cities that inspired them.

The key element to understand Mirela’s personality is that she combines her passion for design with the inspiration she draws from love, art, and traveling. Through the launch of her Fall/Winter 2019–20 Collection, she invites you to discover the remarkable pieces from her travels, and her own design work shaped by her experiences and life.